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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Sneak up on Zoe Zane in her yoga class

    A guy in my live cam show wants to find Zoe at her Bikram Yoga class. This is so hilarious cause Bikram Yoga is the Nazi Camp for health. 6 Marines took one class and left, dragging their "tuff asses" out the door, cackle cackle!!! To the horny guy from San Francisco.... come on down, take a class with me, and see what kind of a man you are made of. In my cam show, I wore 3 pairs of pink panties. The pair closet to my crotchet was heavy with my scent. My most favorite thing, play with the minds of men and drive them crazy. One guy called me a crazy motherfucker. RIGHT ON! I have 2 reasons for doing my live cam show: I do the show for the chat cop "Admin East" and the other reason is this.... I will do some bikram yoga poses naked on the the live show, WHEN, I'm ready. (((I'm working on the update for foot fetish lovers "Cougar Movie Star" in her clear platforms and vinyl coat))). WHEW!
    Oh, another tidbit, I sang along with Lady GaGa her "Bad Romance" in live cam, the viewers loved it. Why wait for MTV, why wait for SNL New York----Zoe Girl, do it now, be "Cougar Movie Star". Hey, I'll write my script and SNL will steal it. Lady GaGa will sue me, I will love it. Bring it on. I love you Lady GaGa for helping through some hard shit in my life. Someone understood all that pain, the anger, my life.

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