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    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    My new job-online blogger writer

    I set up a "word press blog" this week. I'm still working on it.
    My Dad is finally in rehab for 30 days 4 his broken left hip. He was in better spirits last night even though he wants to leave his skin suit. I will watch everyone to make sure he's not abused or his estate riped off. What do I want? I want a relationship with Dad even if it's this way, in a nursing home on his back with a broken Dad. It is sad but I will make it happy. I'm gud at that. Even though Dad was abused as a child it has to stop. My life as a child was hell with yelling screaming parents. My mother hated my Dad. She pitted my retarded sister against my Dad. LOL. I still do not know why they were miserable with each other. I'm working on getting Dad to talk. That is like squeezing water out of a big slap of granite. eek! No one what there for him his whole life. He needs to trust someone. It will be me. My girlfriend, the "Mob Pagan Kashmir Princess" (former health care nurse who left the system BC of the patient abuse) she's advising me on how to care and watch over my Dad. I do not trust anyone in the family or the nursing facility. At the nursing home they will know I mean business. My sister-in-law got in my face thinking a family member might hurt Dad. It turned out great for Dad. I followed my instincts on that one. I told the sister-in-law to not get her panties in a big wade! HA HA HA Do you like my bitch nurse pic? I DO!!!
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    1. Available to add stories to your book, would like to be research helper, Furry freak Bro

    2. Hi Dr S.......

      oh that is a great name. How about you send me a personal email to zoe@zoezane.com
      We must keep all info a big secret until the books is out.

      My stripper daughhter set up a special blog account that is even hard for me to login! LOL.

    3. Send you an e-mail, and have a blogger account. Thanks Mr. Furry Freak Bro


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