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    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    My Nazi Bikram Yoga Teachers - I'm so blessed

    You know how things come to you when you are all alone? I was in the girlie room at yoga and an aw-haw came to me. That is why the owner of Bikram was on my case. She is taking be to a higher excellence in Bikram Yoga. Last night, I had another Nazi Yoga Male instructor tell all of us - when your body is feeling your killing pain KILL it anyway. Your body knows how to heal itself. Do the poses and let it do its work!!! So if you have killing body pain "KILL it with yoga!" I have many, many wonderful friends in my yoga studio. GOT RESPECT! Some of my yogies know what I do for a living, most do NOT! Some know I have been on Howard Stern, some do NOT! I need a place that's sacred in my life. Bikram Yoga is THAT!
    Last night my girlfriend Effie, who is a beautiful black girl, asked me about my weight lose and Howard Stern. Some of the other yoga chicks were hanging around. I did a test drive, I spewed out about the Diner Chick and her microwave called "The Bomb". Their eyes got big and they liked it. I saw their reactions and minds thinking, they laughed out loud. HA HA HA!!! Rockin' cool.
    The wildlife inspector cancelled his roof inspection because of the rain. Tomorrow. Right now, the attic is quiet. Did the wild kingdom leave for gud?
    The news on my Handyman Sony Camera: a few years back I took it to a local repair shop. GUESS WHAT! The repair guy hijacked parts from my camera and uses those parts in other cameras. That can happen on eBay with cameras. They hijack certain parts off the camera and sell it at a lower price. RIPE U OFF. Now my camera is worse. I will go after him and turn him in for turning my great camcorder into a piece of junk. In California, their are laws for electronic ripe off artist like the one who turned my $3000 camera into $200.

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