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    Friday, March 05, 2010

    Click here Zoe Zane on rocky radio station KRZR 103.7 Fresno

    Hey, that was a blast talking on the radio station to younger men naked in my bed this morning. WHEW! Wow, this rock station is happening. Lots of babes! I love hot women and younger men. Thanks so much for having me Orly who is thirty. I think I will be their love stalker HA HA HA on their web site. I can send dirty little sex stories to the guys at the station. They will like that a lot. I love radio!!! Mature Zoe Zane MILF Naked Cougar San Jose zoblog


    1. OMG!!! I got to hear the last couple of minutes. You were very posised, relaxed, and wonderful. It cracked me up when you asked them their age and found out they were younger. Then you said, "Oh I like them young" You did a great job!!!

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Awwwww, sorry I missed you!
      Much Love!

    3. Hey, I heard about the grand baby. Hey we can get crazy wild at the Red Jack Salon AGAIN.....this summer Martini. Tell Lizz for me.

      zoe zane

    4. Hi Lizz ---that was so kind of you to post about my interview. Next time they might fly me over to Fresno and I will fart on the station. HA HA HA



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