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    Tuesday, March 02, 2010

    Search on Google for Zoe Zane and you get

    me, Zoe Zane. Then you get Zoey Zane, the 19 year old amateur model who was murdered. I feel like I am walking with the dead on the Net. I do not want to be rude with a life that was so short. She must of liked my name to use it for her stage name. Am I flattered? I have mixed feelings about our names. Am I the gatekeeper for murdered sex workers??? Now, that's a gud thing. When I go to Starbucks I make sure they spell my name right and not with a "Y". It makes me thinks about what happened to her and I do not want that. But there she is link after link after link? Is Zoey Zane telling Zoe Zane something? Maybe so!!! I let the cats out this afternoon. They were easy to get back in the house. Thank you kitties from your Mommie Zoe. Zoe Zane mature porn MILF blog zoblog Zoe Zane Zoey
    Zane murder

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