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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    "My Vegas Girl" a bit taller than me & Julie Stain link

    I like to tie her up and expose her huge boobs. Just thinking about it makes my pussy tingle. I use soft colored ropes, like the ones Penthouse Pet "Julie Stain" has used. My erotic fantasy, tie up "My Vegas Girl" and Julie together, too hot for words. "My Vegas Girl" has big pussy lips, when I pull the rope up through them she creams the rope. After I untie her, I take the creamed rope, save it for our next tie-up. A special royal blue rope is used for her creaming. It is cut up in different sections. Right now, I have 3 creamed rope mouth pieces. I will gag her with all three and she can suck her cream out. I finger bang as she sucks and cums again and again. My hand gets so freaking wet when she creams. The ropes are sweet, you want to fuck her. I have this tailored, private encounters with an out-of-town well to do male. He is ordered to stay on the couch and watch. He is not allowed to get move off the couch. He can take his clothes off and jack himself as he watches me tie up "My Vegas Girl". The game is watch and tease. He gets so hot for both of us, I talk him into to being tied up. He is blind folded and we tease the hell out of him. We get him off and each time is different. Zoe Zane Mature Erotic Fem Dom Real Stories 2010 Copyright Inzane Productions


    1. Okay Zoe, how did You know what my wildest fantasy was. Of course instead of Julie Stain i dream of my Mistress Miss Lizz, but have to think that Habeeb would not be happy -- hehehe

      Anytime You can arrange for Your fantasy to come true ... please allow me to be Your willing male participant and we both can have at least one or our dreams fulfilled.

      Love, Troll{SML}

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Paul did you know Julie Strain has retired? I think she had a baby? "My Vegas Girlfriend" knows a stripper that looks just like Julie Stain. I have meet her. What do you think?

      Miss Zoe Zane and Paul can tie up two hot babes and then he is made to watch on the counch like a good slave.

      Zoe Zane Mistress aka Fetish Diva Diamond

    4. Does that mean that i would not be "persuaded" into being tied up, blind folded and teased mercilessly by glorious breasts, succulent nipples, statuesque legs, sexy voices, and dripping pussies?

      Sure, You want to save me all for Yourself.

      Love, Troll{SML}

    5. Paul you will be commanded to sit on the couch and watch. All 3 of us like to see you get hot and beg to join in. Miss Zoe


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