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    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Home at last- Monday - from drenched in religion - UTAH

    The weather was snow, wind, ice, more wind.....I'm fucked! I wasn't able to get out to the salt flats to burn my wedding dress. Salt Lake City sucks with red necks and ALL the same looking cloned humans. I want to puke, I can feel the controlling energy of 3 million lives. Not All of them are Mormon, but they live under this tight religious control on how to think and be. I'm so thankful to be out of Utah this afternoon, and home. My daughter needed my wild, evil support! In Wendover, it is stupid STUPID! She and I did a custom tickling video. The night before we smoked cigars together in the casino. She shared with me "how to smoke a cigar". You will be able to see Miss Zoe Zane "Cigara Holdera" smokes a big, huge $35 cigar very soon. On Sunday afternoon, in the brisk Utah sunshine, we filmed 3 churches. I have this freakum idea for my YOUTUBE "burn my wedding dress video". Look for it in April 2010.
    One more exciting note: On the airplane, I checked my voice mails. and the producer of Howard TV left me a message telling your Zoe Girl she was awarded (voted) the hottest older woman on the Howard Stern Show. You will see it on demand Howard TV very soon. Thank you so much for this award HS! Mature Zoe Zane older woman MILF Hoawrd Stern TV tickle video smoking cigar nubs

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