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    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    Zoe you are crunching Bikram yoga

    Last night be4 class Chris the manager of the yoga studio told me just that. It is getting around how great I'm doing and I didn't know. Now I know. Example is more powerful than words. Last night in class I relaxed through the class No. 33.
    I had to pay all the bills, get out 3 updates to sites and work. Doing 60 straight days of Bikram yoga is very time/energy consuming. It is so mental doing this yoga. I need a rest today. I am working on my dirty Valentine update for www.zoezane.com When I was in Vegas I did it with Tac Amateur "Gillian" a BBW. She's the bar tender in this set at the Free Bitch Swing Club "Vegas Red Rooster" No wonder swingers hate whore. Swinging women fuck free.

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