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    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Taxes done now for print out to tax man

    I look at taxes like a donation for fixing highways, paying fireman etc. I like paved roads. When I lived in SLC, Utah before the Olympics, all the roads sucked BC the state was over taxed. I guess the roads were last on the list. Utah is hicks-ville are far as I'm concerned. Mormons are over taxed and tithed. Nothing wrong with tithing. When I tithe it's to my teacher not a big machine. The Mormons went to Utah to hide BC they were polygamists. The main population is one marriage today. I was married to one man, NO polygamy, for your Zoe girl. I'll clear up the falsehood about the main population of the Mormon church in polygamy. But, today, the men are the ones THAT count. Women and children are underneath them. Most women in the church have no backbone but slave themselves out to everyone. Why are there so many psych hospitals on the Wasatch front in SLC? Why are many on Prozac and Meth users to stay shinny? I have inside sources telling me from hospital admittance. Where is the dignity for women? That is SO wrong. That need to changed. How can a penis for a brain be better. HA HA HA!


    1. This is old Hippie friend, just a hi would be nice, following you on Blogger, love to hear from you. Your Furry Freak Bro

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