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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Yesterday I ran over to Starbucks after a few writes

    on 1st chapter of the book an hour be4 yoga class. One of the managers and I have become nice friends. I love Starbucks, their servers are the best. They go way out to give exceptional service. One day I said nice to the female manager and stuck lovely in her brain about herself and me. (In my book I use a coffee shop which is Starbucks but not in my book.) I walk in to get one of my favorite drink, Tazo Passion hot tea, and the 2 managers decided to give me one week of FREE Starbucks. Oh my god, no way. I did not stop saying Oh My God! Even out to my car OMG! After 2 days re-setting my image updater what a big FAT surprise. Now I will be jumping all over the place buzzing on Starbucks cau-fee??? HA HA HA! This week if you run into me over at Starbucks I got perks. Will coffee be my new drug to push out this book? Raised in the Mormon church coffee is a no no. I have never been a coffee drinker but do love the smell of it brewing. Called my daughter and she drinks coffee. Double shots of espresso to the freezer for her!

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