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    Friday, January 29, 2010

    Under the weather last few days

    I'm still going to yoga class and my class mates are helping me. They know what is going on. I do not want to do doubles/make up classes. Just another stress for me. Steady is the game plan. I was joking around with some of the male teachers comparing their teaching style to breakfast food. Patrick is Rice Krispers and milk, Michael is meat and potatoes, and Maralena (sp???) is extra hot spice Thai food. What out for her class, she is pregnant. eeK! Doing 60 day is a big challenge and beyond words. My wish: for all of the teachers to keep their word, start the class on time and end on time, for the best and most important part, the end of the class. It is very important to rest in dead pose and let the body do its job. This yoga studio is happening, BUT crowded, needs to expand, long overdue. The owner has a big job to make this all happen---the expansion. One of the male teachers is starting a new studio in Evergreen in March. Nice move Michael. I want the teachers to be on track and do it right. That is very important. Bikram yoga mature zoe zane zoblog

    My Sci-Fi subject: Lizz sent me a pic from a Giantess forum for my birthday, I was shrunk way small climbing a giant penis. FT That was the wrong more buddy and Giantess Indigo from a far away galaxy will stop all that silly photo shop behavior. They do not know the power of Indigo and what she was sent on Earth to do. Like a Gigantic female Kali!

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