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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Egg Head Pic

    It was weird how I just slammed my head right into the hotel bathroom wall. It was quick and fast. It knotted up quick. It hurt and I thought how could DO THIS to myself! LOL. The woes a photo shoots and gathering content for fetish freaks. I love the creative process of getting content.

    About me: as a child, my mom and dad thought I was a silly girl to make mud pies, and I even had a piece of my mud pie. eek!!! Did you ever do that? It was earthy dirty and gridy, not to good on the teeth. Ya gotta try it once, right. That is what kids do when finding their way through this world. I made them in aluminum pie tins. Water dirt and a big spoon. Crunch, spit and icky.

    Goose egg on forehead and mud pic attached from Arizona trip, October 13-14 in desert Botanical Garden.

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