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    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Sex workers Film Festival Award will be PVV on AEBN

    Making porn with Ghetto Boy: Made a porn movie, a major manipulation and threats by Mr. Insecure (4 years ago). A few years ago some one wanna be film producer wanted to make a video with me and was a manipulating freak. He was going to make me into a famous whatever porn star. All he wanted was to get his dick wet! OH, he knew the distributors and it would happen. So we did 3 sessions for video and he got off real quick every time,. Thank god for that!It took forever to get it edited. He had the PC, the software to make it happen. Thousands of dollars was spent for his editing studio. All he had was a table and chair for his computer. REALLY. He might of spent hundreds to edit films but on windows there is a simple editing program to make homemade movies. Thank you Sexy Miss Lizz for showing me how to make my homemade porn clips. In the "MILF Foot Fetish Video", I was the neighborhood mom in platforms. He was into to feet, platforms and getting sucked off. He was okay with getting sucked off but very paranoid even if he had an aids test. BURB. I find that younger men who hit puberty by 1980, are very uptight about getting something, different mind set. Then on top of his fear he did not want his face to be filmed. I want to be in porn, but I do not want anyone to see me in porn. What the duck? All you want MTFer is to get your dick wet! It was like fucking a clothes rack from the ghetto, a turn off for me. He was so UPTIGHT about everything. If you are uptight on the porn set I will not do it with you. NOT EVER, so don't even call or apply. Fun porn with Zoe, it is about fun with me, and I do not need it all your negative crap. Making porn is work, and I will not fuck and suck fearful men for video. I finally got the VHS version "Hot Neighbor MILF Mom". A big tug of war to get it, and entered the VHS tape into the Sex Worker's Film Festival 2001. Some great cock sucking all the way down my throat, head hanging over the end of the office table. Gud stuff!

    It will be on AEBN for PVV this year. I promise.

    A great guy, Sweet William: Now I have some other admirer, his hobby, he loves editing some of my pics for fun. Most people do not know what it takes to make 30 minutes of porn and it TAKES A LOT of patience to do it. OH WHAT THE DUCK, I am about having Fun and when it turns to sour gapes it is over. Girls like me wanna have fun. I have a great girlfriend, Sexy Miss Lizz, and we do videos together. It is about the thrill of making it and she edits it. I have the equipment and she loves to edit the video. We are a great team and it works. Finding a girl on the net is difficult, BUT when you find a friend like Sexy Miss Lizz it is a treasure beyond words. The footage shows the fun and the love. Everyone can see it, and it makes this world step up to heaven's delight. I have done a lot of works with amateur women and every time we had a blast of bursting fun. Putting people at ease helps them to be themselves and it shows in the images. Meow and Smooches, Zoe Zane

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